Spiritual Mentoring (Complimentary)

Spiritual Mentoring (Complimentary)

Have you heard of the anicient wisdom of Numerology?

Are you ready & open to learning your 'life path' self-expression number & it's meaning? Along with the insights of the current year cycle, you're working on energetically? All I require is your date of birth?

Did you know the body remembers everything. Even before your birth all the cells in your body, were collecting data & information. Did you also know that life happens from us, not to us! Which means we hold ALL of the keys to 'unlocking our full potential' and creating our own life path vision.  

*It's known that there‘s valuable information stored in your innate DNA. It's encoded within your date of birth. The ancient wisdom of Numerology, is the window to your soul's most fulfilling path in life! Metaphysics (the language of the universe) forms part of the blueprint to your destiny. Self-discovery starts with you. Are you ready & curious to take the first step?!

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